Focusing and the creation of the world

A face that evolves from the formless.

Something lives in you

It lives. It lives in you. Can you hear it? Feel it? See it? Sometimes it is barely perceptible. A slight pressure somewhere in your body, a queasy feeling in your stomach, a picture or a memory emerges. You think that is nothing. These are just thoughts, any fantasies that have arisen arbitrarily. Sometimes it…
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1st May 2019 0
A woman is looking for knowledge in the library. Books are flying around.

Information is not knowledge

What is communicated by relatives, friends, colleagues, schools, universities, or media such as newspapers, television, and the Internet is very often not knowledge. It’s just information. If a history book describes events at that time, then that can be right or wrong. If we open physics books that are more than 300 years old, we…
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28th April 2019 0